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Check out our Dr. Enuf-inspired stickers! You can get two (2) with any purchase of something else.

Dr. Hezekiah B Hankal (1825-1903) was a minister, physician, educator & politician. Ordained by the Boones Creek Christian Church in 1866, Dr. Hezekiah B Hankal established five churches in the region. A physician, his medical practice was confined to the African-American and the Cherokee-Dutch communities until 1873 cholera epidemic desegregated his practice. Certified to teach in the public schools by the State of Tennesse in 1873, he served as one of the supervisors of "colored schools". In 1887, he was elected as an alderman of Johnson City. Dr. Hankal was one of the 1893 founders of Langston Normal School. His house was located on the corner of Market and Montegomery Streets. He is buried in West Lawn Cemetery.

AND Dr. Enuf is the Johnson City-based beverage that all us hillbillies really like!


Dr. Hankal stickers!

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